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La cuisine: at work!

We launched La Cuisine: AT WORK in July of this year in response to the increased job competition in the San Diego market. We know that keeping employees engaged, loyal and happy is a challenge mixed with the time and funds to do so. 

Each month we create a menu that is relevant, fun and workplace friendly! All menus paired with quality products fit for a gourmet foodie, and can easily be customized with company logos or special campaigns.

We take care of it all. Food, Beverages, Tables, Chairs, Disposable Products, Linens, Staff.... Everything completely managed by the La Cuisine team.

All YOU have to do is pick a date!

holiday parties

Tis' the Season!

Let us help you with your next great holiday party.

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meetings & client hosting

Impress your clients with a thoughtful coffee bar, breakfast station, happy

hour or lunch!